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Been Thinking
Since my accident on June 10, 2015, I have had a lot of alone time to think about my life. Number 1. I am a healer. It is a gift from the Creator. I use my gift when I am asked to. That is how I was taught. Number 2. I am an Old School Biker, loyal, trustworthy, and I love my brothers and their family's. There is no number 3!

I realize that for the past too many years I have been that man? That man that was a very good actor. If someone wanted him to be something he became that. Salesman, art administrator, artist, construction the list goes on. He compromised who he was for others. wife's, girlfriends, mother, friends, and employers.

When each of these met me I was a Biker and that is what attracted them to me for the most part. I was loud, talked a lot, I liked whiskey, pot, and women. loud fast Harley Davidson motorcycles took no shit from anyone. I called a spade a spade in clear profanity-filled language. I handed out brutal, honest answers when asked. If you didn't like it then stay away from me.

They all wanted me to change. So I did. I was a manager, foreman or a leader in just about every job I have had. I cut my hair, dressed the way that made people happy and to feel safe. That man was a real good actor. Was he happy? No, he wasn't.

So I have been thinking. The times I always felt the best was when I was riding with my brothers. I knew that they always had my back covered and would be there for me no matter what. That can't be said about any other humans. No that's not true there are two men that have been friends for most of my life. Trout and Randy are always there. Other than those two men there are none. If I didn't conform to what others wanted they always left. No loyalty at all. These are humans that always and I mean always make themselves look good to others. Yoga teachers, business owners, teachers, managers, and clergy. If you weren't 'that guy' they would just leave your life.

At 71 I am done being that man. I am a proud Old School Biker and if people don't like it it's too fucking bad it is who I am. If you want to be my friend then be a friend. Be loyal, and trustworthy otherwise stay out of my life or get stepped on.

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Been Thinking
Since my accident on June 10, 2015, I have had a lot of alone time to think about my life. Number 1. I am a healer. It is a gift from the Creator. I use my gift when I am asked to. That is how I was t...
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