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Angels appear in the strangest of places
On June tenth of 2015 at 11:00 in the morning I was forced off the road by a car passing in a curve. To avoid the car I left the road and hit a cement road barrier at about 35 miles an hour. The bike drug me 40 feet along the wall before I could kick free of the bike. I pushed myself off the wall got my helmet off and lay there or a minute. I knew I was hurt bad as I lay on the side of the road. I got out my phone and no service. I was in the mountains in the pacific northwest.

My first thought was damn it is Wednesday and I could lay here for hours before a car comes by. I tried to get closer to the road but it was to painful to move. I thought my hip was broken. So I am laying in the gravel on the side of the road looking a the sun. My mind went into survival mode. I could hear nothing or feel nothing my only thought was how am I going to get out of this? I managed to move myself with my arms to expose more of my body to a passing car. I was six miles from any help and I knew it.

It seemed like an hour but was only 5 minutes when a truck pulled in. Out of the truck was a man in a uniform. He was a local ranger that, in his words, was guided to take a drive north. It wasn't the area he was working in. He did a quick look over and ask me questions to see if I was thinking okay? He had no reception either and did not want to leave me until someone else was there.

He no sooner said those words when two motorcycles pull in. The first was a man in his 50's riding a silver BMW. On the other bike were a man and his wife riding a Harley Davidson. The silver BMW rider was to me fast. I heard him tell the ranger that he was a EMT in Seattle and was on his way home from a long weekend in the mountains. He ask me if it was okay for him to check me for injuries? I was thinking very clear fortunately for me. He ask me a lot of questions then got his traveling kit from his bike and totally checked me over, head to toe. Little pin pricks down my arms and legs to make sure I could feel everything? He told me not to move a all. He then went and got the lady on the other bike, who happened to be a nurse and brought here over. She checked me over and the man said. 'Do you agree?' Yes I do, was the answer. The ranger stayed until is was comfortable with the EMT gentlemen. As he was leaving the EMT with me asked for a blanket and would he cut it for him. He did both the left to call an ambulance.

He was gone about 10 minutes and was back. The ambulance was on the way and would take about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. The man and the nurse took the blanket and folded it so it was about 10 inches wide. He told me it would hurt but he had to put it around me. I told him to do what he thinks is best. They got it around me and he tightened it. Then he look at me and ask if he could tighten it a little more?
I have a high pain tolerance and to go and do it. Yep it hurt. He talked it over with the nurse and again ask to tighten it one last time. I said yes and they both grabbed an end and pulled. I didn't pass out but I saw stars. For the next 45 minutes he was bent over me keeping the sun off of me. He talked and comforted me assured me everything was going to be okay. When the ambulance pulled in he told me do not let anyone take this blanket off until you are in the emergency room on their table.

That was the last time I saw the man or the nurse. They put me in the ambulance that took me to a helicopter and to Harborview Trauma Hospital in Seattle. The next 4 days are a blur. I had broken my pelvis into 3 pieces. Right down the middle and then a lower corner broke off. They put me back together with 3, six inch bolts that were a half inch around stainless steel.

On the forth day the surgeon that did the work came in with x-ray's and explained everything to me. He said that this was the worst pelvis break he had seen in 21 years as a trauma surgeon and that I have to be very, very careful for at least the next couple of months. He said the repair was very fragile. Then he ask who put on the blanket? I told him the story about the EMT and the nurse. He said that they must have been guided by angels because if they had not put the blanket on me that I most likely would not have walked again. He said that with all my transfers (7) it would have been to damaged to fix. I walked out of rehab August 17th on my own with just a cane.

While I was in rehab I called the Highway Patrol for a report and ask for the name of the man and the nurse. I really wanted to thank them both. The trooper I was talking to was the trooper at the accident. Here is what he told me. 'Well I don't have their names. I ask why they weren't on his report? Now this is kind of odd he said. But the two bikes just seemed to disappear. No one heard them leave, there were four men there. They were just gone almost like there weren't even there. Now ask yourself this they didn't hear that Harley leave?

My answer is those angels were the real deal. No doubt in my mind or heart at all. See you soon.

Patricia Dunn
What a story Gary! Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm sorry you had to suffer but it sounds like you experienced a true miracle! I had a similar experience with a man who helped me out of a dicey situation. When I turned around to thank him - he wasn't there and there was nowhere he could have gone. Also when I was a baby, I fell down a whole flight of stairs. I didn't have a scratch on me because invisible hands "carried" me all the way down and gently set me on the landing. As a baby (I was two) I had no idea that this kind of thing "couldn't happen". It wasn't until I got older that I realized this happened within a month of my oldrr sister's death. I think someone spared my parents what would have been unbearable pain!
I guess all we can do is stand back in bsolute awe and gratitude that we are truly cared for and angels are real.
Hope that your recovery is going well!
January 18, 2016 08:12 PM
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Angels appear in the strangest of places
On June tenth of 2015 at 11:00 in the morning I was forced off the road by a car passing in a curve. To avoid the car I left the road and hit a cement road barrier at about 35 miles an hour. The bike ...
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