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Knowing vs. Believing
There is an interesting thing that happens when you step into the energy of 'knowing.' A feeling of knowing goes beyond a feeling of belief. In other words, telling yourself 'I know I will lose ten pounds,' carries a far more powerful energy than 'I believe I can lose ten pounds.' You can feel it as you read it. A belief can be proven wrong. It can be questioned, tested, broken and easily forgotten. But a knowing is a part of you. A knowing is concrete, where as a belief is more fragile.

These days, I am playing with the energy of knowing. When you get to that place of knowing you don't have to think about it. You just know it to be true, whatever 'it' is. And when you know it to be true you expect it, and when you expect it, it will be. There is no other way. And that is magnificent. When what you want is as natural and as sure as the sun rising anything is possible. Getting beyond believing and into knowing is the key to manifesting anything you want in your heart. But how do you turn that corner? What if it feels like you are forever stuck in hoping and believing? I am still figuring it out myself, but I know with everything, the first step is to ask. Keep asking in your mind and heart, 'How do I turn this belief into a knowing?' or 'What step can I take today so that this belief becomes a truth?' The act of asking carries a lot of power in itself.

I put the little quote photo from Thich Nhat Hanh above because it is associated with one of my own personal favorite moments of knowing. A few years ago I was living in Holland. A friend posted on her FB timeline that she had a ticket to Thich Nhat Hanh's speaking show in Dan Haag, but she wouldn't be able to go. She was wondering if anyone would like to buy it from her. When I read it I knew, I felt with a sense of 100% confidence, that the ticket was meant for me and I would buy it from her. Someone responded before me though and I was surprised to see the ticket go to someone else. However, the next day my friend emailed asking if I still wanted the ticket. Of course I did!!! I was so excited, and in truth, not that surprised, because I had never let go of the knowing that this ticket was going to be in my hand.

The difference between knowing and believing is something that you can have fun with. Approach with curiosity and ask yourself as you go through moments today, 'Is this a knowing or a belief?' If you look at is as a casual observer you will start to note the difference in how you feel, how you respond, and so on, and this will also help you in learning how to change from a belief to a knowing.

Have fun with this and much love to you all in your quests for whatever it is you are seeking! - See more at: http://crossingoceans.weebly.com/blog
Anne Mitchell
As I read this, I knew you'd ultimately end up with the ticket! :)
Love what you've written here, and I would like to incorporate your question into my daily life. My sister is a Librarian and works mainly with children and it's kind of silly, but also a great idea to ask her favorite question, "Are we making a good decision today?" I chuckle when I hear it, but it really has kids ponder...and likewise adults!
Asking, "Is this a knowing or believing?" is thought-provoking, and like my sister's question, may have a domino effect of positive results (one would hope!).
January 4, 2015 03:04 PM
Melissa Field
Anne you have tuned into some serious synchronicity because I am so glad you commented on this today! I forgot I wrote this blog post, and I was wondering why I'd gotten an email someone had commented on one of my posts. When I got to this page and read my own words it was like seeing them for the first time. And I truly needed to read them. I'd just been sitting here thinking, how will I get to this place I want to move to? And after I read my post, it was like, "Oh yeah, I don't have to worry about how. I just have to know I will!" I'm really so happy you found this little post and enjoyed it. I also love the question for kids, "Are we making good decisions today?" That really made me stop and ask myself if I'm thinking positive thoughts, are am I focused on my doubt? I want to make good decisions and be focused on the knowing! Well anyway thank you and I wish you tons of positive domino effects in your life :)
January 4, 2015 03:18 PM
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There is an interesting thing that happens when you step into the energy of 'knowing.' A feeling of knowing goes beyond a feeling of belief. In other words, telling yourself 'I know I will lose ten po...
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