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Empower yourself with 'I choose'
It's no secret that the words 'I AM' are two of the most powerful in our language. 'I am succesful' versus, 'I am a failure' are two very different vibrations you use for or against yourself.

The other two words, which are utilized less often but I consider equally powerful, would be I CHOOSE. If you are feeling unempowered in your life you might want to consider playing with the words 'I choose.' It will help you remember that no matter how weak and powerless you feel in your life, you really are choosing things, moment by moment. As you realize you can and do make choices you will start to step back into your power, bit by bit, and before you know it you will be in a new, stronger, more empowered state of mind.

Maybe you have a co-worker who is a bully. They might say things that are aggressive or hurtful to you, and that's frustrating, but you cannot control them or their behavior. They are who they are and they are choosing to project their inner torment outwards. You can, however, choose how you feel. If said co-worker insults you and you feel ashamed by their words you can at the very least say to yourself, 'I choose how I'm feeling. That hurt me. That made me feel low. I can't change him/her. But I can know that I chose how to respond.' Then, take this choosing further. 'I choose not to beat myself up because an angry person made me feel bad.' Take a deep breath. 'I choose not to linger in a place that makes me feel bad.' Take a deep breath. 'I choose to let that moment go. It's already over.' Take a deep breath. 'I choose to focus on what makes me feel good. I choose to look at this plant on my desk. I choose to enjoy my plant. Because I'm important, and how I feel is important.' And if you want to, keep going. It's a very simple yet effective way to remind yourself that no matter how crazy and hostile everyone is around you, you are empowered. You can choose how you feel. When you get that thought inside you so much it becomes one with you you will experience a freedom like you've never known.

Keep practicing 'I choose' all day and you'll notice a difference. If you go the fridge for a snack, say to yourself, 'I choose to eat now.' If you have to pick your kids up from soccer pratice but you're exhausted, once you're in the car say to yourself, 'I'm tired. I could choose to stay home and nap. But I love my kids, and I choose to go pick them up now.' For all things big and small, do the 'I choose' exercise and notice how your thinking and emotions start to change.

As you say 'I choose' before each and every thing you do you will notice how many choices you make in a day. And as you notice those choices you will become CLEARLY aware of which ones benefit you and which ones create resistance in your life. Start now and make a habit of it. 'I choose to read this blog because I am looking for more ease and grace in my life.' - See more at: http://crossingoceans.weebly.com/blog
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Empower yourself with 'I choose'
It's no secret that the words 'I AM' are two of the most powerful in our language. 'I am succesful' versus, 'I am a failure' are two very different vibrations you use for or against yourself. The o...
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