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Rain Rain Go away OR I'm going
Here in Texas it's has rained enough to fill an ocean. It's God work so I'm not complaining however I just want to see a little sunshine....the more it rains the thirst to travel is getting greater by the drop. This year I so badly want to go to www.nevisisland.com......well, I hope everyone is enjoying this evening, hugs.
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Hello From a New Member
Here is my first entry to say hello to anyone stopping by to read this. I hope this will be an interesting way to connect online with like-minded people for personal enrichment and gaining more knowle...
The Cardinal Grand Cross of April, 2014
A rare planetary alignment known as a 'Cardinal Grand Cross' is coming into form toward the end of this month. It will explode into life on April 22d as Mars regresses into the 13th degree of Libra to...
Snow Leopard
By: Storey
Today I walked through the snow covered woods and looked at the way my life spirals back around to the same themes, just on different levels. I have always felt that my lifetime animal totem is bl...
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I have not been here in a while and how my life has changed in the past few years astounds me. It's been a wonderful, sometimes challenging and frustrating but very incredible journey and life moves f...
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Is life a gift?
By: Storey
A Buddhist friend of mine told me the other day that he does not believe in gifts because there is no giver and no receiver.... Therefore no gifts are possible so he does not acknowledge it when you g...
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By: Storey
I am new here and looking forward to making friends, learning and sharing together. ...
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Parting of Friendship
In my 49 years this time around on Earth, I have learned that people always come in and out of your life for a reason. Sometimes these reasons are never known but the Universe always gives you what y...
Trouble.... that's not something that is appealing. It's not something positive, or a tool used to attract people. We are all here to 'get' something. We are all interested in value. I once read...
First Post
Today I learned a little bit about myself thru numerology. My much needed therapist told me about this website... I'm gonna check it out and hope that I don't hate it... ...
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