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Moon Meditation
This is the first meditation/reflection I wrote. I enjoy writing passages based on the beauty and divinity of nature, and I hope they increase the joy and awareness you experience in your day. Please share if you like!

Moon Meditation

'How might you walk through the world differently if you were consciously aware that you are a manifestation of divinity?' - Dr. Eric Pearl

The Moon reminds you that you are perfect, just as you are.

Just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, we reflect the divine essence from which we were created. There was no mistake in the way you were created. The Moon was created as a Moon because that was the perfect role for it in our solar system. You were created as you because that was exactly what the world needed.

The Sun is truly the center of our lives in many ways. It gives us light to see by, warmth, and supports all life. Is the Moon less than worthy because it doesn't fulfill the same role as the Sun? Of course not, because the Moon does what the Sun cannot. The Moon gives us a window into the mysterious Universe beyond our own world. It is quite possible to sit in your backyard all night gazing at the Moon, either with a telescope or without. You cannot stare into an unhindered Sun for a prolonged period without damaging your eyes. It is a gift of the Moon that we are able to see and study so much of our Universe from our own backyard. We are even able to look at the Sun's light, being reflected back, in a way that is safe and perfect for us. And as the Sun dips down and the day ends, a full Moon provides a wonderful amount of comforting light on the darkest of nights.

You too provide comfort, guidance and light to others in your own way. Imagine if the Moon decided it just wasn't enough, and it was going to cleanse, detoxify and pray until it became a Sun. There would be no you, no world, no nothing, because we'd all burn away and the entire balance of the solar system would be destroyed! What you see as flaws, mistakes and imperfections are what you help you to fit perfectly into this world. The 'Suns' we aspire to become come in all forms, from celebrities we idolize to deities that we turn to for guidance. Sometimes we look at our own dads and say, 'If only I were more like him, this world would be so much better,' when in fact, the world doesn't need two of your dads; it needs one of him and one of YOU. Without you, a delicate balance would be broken.

When you feel you just aren't enough, give yourself permission to remember that you were created just as you are for a reason. The Universe needs you to be YOU and not something that might seem more worthy. By merely appearing in a dark night, the Moon provides comfort and wonder. You never know who is comforted just by your presence, or whose path you may have momentarily lit up, in just the right moment, as they wandered around in their own darkness. We aren't always told by others that we gave them just what they needed in the right moment. A stranger you smiled at may never have a chance to tell you thank you, I needed that, and I'm so glad you're here.

If you are feeling worthless and maybe even invisible, the Moon is a wonderful source of inspiration and guidance. After all, once a month the Moon disappears itself! The Moon goes through many phases, from new to full, but it's only a natural part of its cycle.

The Moon will also disappear behind heavy clouds, but the clouds will dissipate, just as the clouds of your life will lift too. It's important to remember that the Moon doesn't detoxify or cleanse itself when it is blocked by a heavy cloud bank. The clouds do not become part of the Moon. The Moon's energy is not lowered or darkened because of them. The Moon is still the Moon and it's as simple as that! Your essence will always be your essence, and it is a divine one, no matter what.

Tonight, go outside and reflect on the Moon and the form it's in. If you can't see the Moon at all, then that is your message.

Scott Leuthold
Lovely. "Your essence will always be your essence, and it is a divine one, no matter what. " Thank you for sharing.
Best, Scott
January 31, 2013 10:15 PM
Jennifer Galindo
I am comforted. Thank you, just lovely.
February 18, 2013 10:07 PM
Melissa Field
Thank you for your kind comments! It's always great to know the things I share are enjoyed by someone. This is such a great community.
February 26, 2013 09:54 AM
Yvonne Dawson
I love the moon & I love this. Thank-you x
March 22, 2013 05:02 PM
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