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Growing up I really never thought about unconditional love, what kid would. I saw my mother and father sit next to each other when they watched TV and my dad always had his hand on my mothers knee. When they walked together often they would hold hands. I though that was how couples treated each other. One time when my mother was not being nice to my father I ask him why he put up with that kind of treatment? He replied,' because I love her unconditionally'. I didn't understand. As I grew into a man again unconditional love rarely crept into my thoughts and I for sure did not know what it meant or was for that matter. Loves came and went without unconditional love ever showing it's self to me. I didn't know what it was anyway so I didn't miss it. Then the Creator placed a dog into my life and that changed everything.

Denali, he was a true friend for 10 years. He forgave me for being a human and I forgave him for being a dog. There was never a question. We both were happy and filled with joy each time I returned home. We would hug, smile and do the welcome dance. It continued through the time that we were together in this earth walk. When he was sick or injured I was there for him. When I was sick or injured he would be there crawling into my bed with me. I knew that Denali was special but never realized how special until the end of his life. As he was dying in my arms the message he gave me was this. 'I was sent to teach you about unconditional love and it will always reside inside of you'. I was brought to tears at this teaching and this amazing gift from the Creator.

As I moved on with my earth walk I would meet women that I thought I should give my unconditional love to. Each time is wasn't to be. Finally I realized that I just couldn't give my unconditional love to who I choose but I had to have the patience to wait for the Creator to place that person in my path. And he did.

My wait lasted 12 years when a woman was placed in my path. When I first saw her I knew that she was the human that the Creator had placed in my path for me to give unconditional love to. And I gave everything, my heart and soul had to give to this woman. Through the good times and the bad times I always gave her my unconditional love. I over looked her being human as I learned from Denali. What I realize now was that in order to fully feel unconditional love it had to be coming from both humans. If it was one sided, and it was, then it couldn't blossom. As much as I wanted her to give me unconditional love it was not what the Creator wanted for me at this time. What I did get was to feel what it is like to give that kind of love to another human, knowing it is in my heart and to have patience to wait.

Balance and Blessings
Steve Smith
what a beautiful and loving story.

I learned that my unconditional love would come from the person I chose after almost 20 years.

Eventually, my light shown through their darkness and little-by-little, my patience paid off.

Now we share the light together, and occasionally have to enlighten the others' path.

Love, light and patience to you.
August 18, 2011 11:29 AM
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